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Toni Zuccheri - Venini - Kroonluchter (met handtekening) (1) - Canne
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Toni Zuccheri - Venini - Kroonluchter (met handtekening) (1) - Canne

Luxurious chandelier made from Murano glass by the high quality glass shop Venini, as is confirmed by the signature of authenticity on the chandelier.
The chandelier designed by Toni Zuccheri consists of 54 `rods` (the largest are on the outside and the smallest form the heart of the chandelier) which make for a fine and elegant design.
The chandelier is in very good condition considering the normal wear given its age, and all of the glass pieces are perfect and undamaged.

height 41 cm (without chain for attaching lamp to ceiling, which can be added in order to adjust the chandelier to any kind of height)
diameter 35 cm
rod length 26 cm / large, 13 cm (small)

Helaas, dit kavel is op Donderdag 6 augustus al geveild bij Catawiki!

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